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About Podcasting

Podcasting is an incredible way to amplify your brand and your message to the world to reach a targeted audience.

Podcasting is the new media megaphone.


You grow audiences and followers on other platforms and podcasting is much the same. But, unlike social media, the experience of choosing to subscribe to a podcast is, according to recent research, one of the most dedicated advertising audiences in history. If your listeners choose to subscribe to your podcast, they get notifications and downloads specifically about your show -  and unlike other social media or email outreach for example, Podcasts are a welcome part of hundreds of millions of subscribers per day.

You will find podcasts in over 30 outlets globally such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Roku, GooglePlay and many more. The instant distribution model The Pod Plant has developed covers your entire production, hosting, posting and social marketing in a turnkey solution that allows you to do your show and leave the studio knowing it will post to the world exactly when and as planned..