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5 BIGGEST Podcasting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Have you ever been trapped on public transit next to someone who insists on loudly rehashing their life's latest dramatic pitfalls over the phone for the entire duration of the ride? No podcast worth its salt should ever recreate that feeling in your listeners' hearts and minds. While you may still be a little hazy on what you SHOULD be doing, the should NOTS are essential to get your show on the right track. Avoid these 5 heinous podcasting mistakes to take your audience from captive to captivated .

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Ready to become the next big thing in podcasting? Use our handy tips to help you avoid disaster.

1. Rambling

In niche podcasting, going on and on about a topic you are passionate about may seem like the perfect recipe for an engaging episode - after all, your listeners are here to learn all about the art of upside down cuticle weaving. However, there is a difference between showcasing expertise on a subject and alienating your audience by veering off into pointless rant territory.


While a script is not necessary for a podcast, you may want to jot down a few points to keep yourself on track.

2. Sounding Monotone

Are you excited about your episode topic? Of course you are! Try to sound like it too. Unless you plan to focus your entire show on putting people to sleep, inflections, varying your speaking speed, and - when appropriate - bringing in guests can really make a huge difference in your podcasts' performance.


Listen to recordings of yourself speaking - it may be uncomfortable at first, but it'll help you identify and correct tone and pitch problems.

3. Picking a VERY Specific Niche

How much is there really to be said about the iconic disc toss made by Alfred Toni at the 1979 regional disc throwing competition in Cincinnati? Probably not a whole lot. Think bigger!


It's absolutely fine to cover a specific, narrow-focus topic in an episode - but try to pick more of an overarching theme for your show as a whole.

4. Inside Jokes and Extremely Obscure References

So, you and your bestie had an amazing idea for a podcast. You are ready and raring to go! You then proceed to call your co-host "The Night Manager" and bursting into uncontrollable laughter every time you do for the duration of the episode. What may be hilarious to you and those close to you is likely lost on your listeners.


If you plan to only have your inner circle listen to your podcast, inside jokes and nicknames are fine to use. Otherwise, avoid these like the plague! In some circumstances, a particularly interesting/funny/poignant explanation of certain elements of your show may be warranted - but tread lightly: you don't want to turn into that annoying public transit phone talker.

5. Producing and Posting New Episodes Whenever

A set schedule may not be everyone's cup of tea - especially not if you are simply producing podcasts as a hobby. However, those looking to be successful podcasters (or streamers or YouTubers or what-have-you) need to pick a day (or several) to post, and do so regularly and consistently to have people tune in again and again.


Set a phone or calendar reminder for yourself - you may want to do this for all steps involved in producing an episode (idea brainstorm, recording, editing [when applicable], and posting].

Happy Podcasting!

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