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Out Of The Blue comes a podcast that can make a big difference

When you start with a desire to make real change and that is the primary focus of your mission, the next logical step is to understand the problem from as many angles as possible. Enter a genuine crusader for the homeless, Michael Braithwaite. He is the CEO of Blue Door, an essential service in York Region that provides safe and supportive emergency housing, and housing services and supports for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

He and I spoke at great length about the homelessness problems in York Region, Ontario, across the country and in fact...North America. He talked about the incredible dedication of a wide array of brilliant people who were focused, like him, to not just dealing with homelessness but eradicating it entirely.

What compelling, important stories.

Braithwaite had an idea - Out of Blue, a weekly interview podcast dedicated to featuring the greatest minds, and most prominent names in the growing movement toward ending homelessness.

The Podcast launched the week before Thanksgiving underscoring the importance in all of us taking note and leaning in - in our own way, no matter what way - and doing what we can to support the movement.

Out Of The Blue is one of the most compelling line-up of guests on any show I have ever heard. You will be moved. You will be shocked. You will hear good news stories about change and meet the people leading the way.

Out Of The Blue is available now everywhere you listen to podcasts. Here is an episode now featuring best selling author, Jesse Thistle talking about his journey out of homelessness and his book, "From The Ashes".

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