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Some new podcasts this fall from The Pod Plant

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After an amazing jump-start launch of The Pod Plant earlier this summer, a great line-up of talent has entered the building. The Awakener, The Business & Barter Show, Mariwanderers, Office 146 Podcast, The Great Eighties Podcast and many more have taken flight and are gaining audience numbers with every episode. Visit our Podcast Network Page to have a listen to these and many other shows now in production.

And now as we look to fall an incredible line up of shows including two sports properties hosted by sportscast fave, Todd Lewis, POPposites Attract - a fascinating debate about pop culture competitors, and Stupid True Crime which focuses on the stupidest real criminals in history. This alongside the Official Funky Bunch Podcast and an incredible series called Still A Hot Mess that will blow your mind as they deconstruct the Self-Help Industry.

These are just a few of the great new shows being produced at The Pod Plant. We have to brag because the producers and hosts of these shows do such an amazing job keeping us entertained, informed and laughing each week.

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