• Mike Wixson

Your guests are the experts we want to hear

Experts are amazing guests. To begin with, they know their stuff. You have them on your podcast to shed light on topics, expand the horizons of your discussions and often bring with them new listeners who are like-minded and will appreciate your show.

So... guests are great!

Your audience loves your expert guests

The truth is that your listeners begin to count on you to curate and present information that is often discussion you can touch on with a certain amount of credibility. Your expert guests are the ideal way to present your position with a greater base of knowledge.

The keys points to getting the most out of your guests:

  • Learn about your guests. What are their credentials and why are they a good guest on this topic? Then set up your interview with this info.

  • Listen to the answers to they questions you ask. Likely your follow-up question will be even more compelling if you followed the previous answer.

  • Be sure to use social media and your own podcast to let listeners know that you have this guest coming up on a future episode.

  • Get your guest to use social media to let their followers know they will be on your show. Even suggest your guest could bring questions from their followers that they would like to address while on your show.

Be sure to create a calm, warm and welcoming environment for your guests and make sure they know that they are the star of the show that day.

Your guests can make your show the best it can be. They are the best resource for your podcast.

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